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Sumnadasa Abeywardane. According to him Mr. He also says that Ms.

In addition he says that the opponent contestant Mr. Mithirpala will lose his seat too at the forthcoming election. May be not. Killing is no big deal for him and his flock. It is just like eating or sleeping for them. The Tamil people keep away from this number.


Numerology is a serious business in the Tamil Circles. The Chinese love this number. Something the way the number sounds when spoken.

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In this era of Science and Technology, where every few weeks a Russian Rocket leaves to the ISS, these past beliefs are just that, beliefs and value systems with no scientific evidences to back it. It is us who give power to them, by believing them. So, I ask you all to forget them and be guided by Scientific Evidence.

Tamil Astrology: Jathagam & Horoscope 12222

I have noted both Sirisena and Rajapaksa wear multiple rings in their fingers obviously. A belief in SL that sun rays being absorbed by gem stones in them, has a beneficial effect on the wearer.

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Go figure. Astrology, Numerology etc. He is a member of the Brahmin caste. Every day, but especially on auspicious days, people come to visit him in his consulting rooms in his suburban Colombo house. The astrologer wears traditional dress - a white sarong with a purple and gold border.

He is bare-chested, with gold necklaces and diamond stud earrings. His long hair is pulled back, and his wrists, elbows, shoulders and forehead have three white stripes, marked with powder. Mr Eshwaran is examining a client's horoscope, a printed book about the size of a passport.

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Inside there are sections for name, names of parents, and the positions of the stars and planets at the date and precise time of birth. Many people keep the documents throughout their lives. Dates of elections are very often set on politicians getting their horoscopes read Bradman Weerakoon Political advisor Even many politicians follow astrology, right up to heads of state.

Mr Weerakoon says he is sure that Sri Lanka's first woman prime minister, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, was astrologically inclined and that current President Mahinda Rajapaksa is also "perhaps moved that way".

Astrology in Mahavamsa!

President Rajapaksa's horoscope is powerful He will defeat the enemies and terrorists Sumanadasa Abeygunawardene Astrologer He says he even advised President Rajapaksa on the auspicious time to leave his house in the deep south to vote in the elections in which he became Sri Lanka's leader. He is the one who will bring development to the country. He will defeat the enemies and terrorists.

He said the rebel's horoscope was more powerful than those of previous Sri Lankan presidents, but Mahinda Rajapaksa's was stronger still. Back in the wedding hall, Vijayaruban and Umaranjini were just hoping their marriage would be successful. Even though they did not know each other very well, they were confident they will have a happy life together. It was, after all, written in the stars. Dial Does customer get additionally charged for changing settings Religion, time, etc. Dial Can customer use this service while on roaming?

Can customer subscribe for more than 1 religion at once?


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