Horoscope 11 december 2019 libra

The next seven years will involve experimentation of all kinds when it comes to matters of death, taxes, and rebirth. Pay close attention to your work life when 's lunar eclipses come around, Libra. Your career planet is, after all, the moon, and its eclipses will likely reveal new information about how you can best succeed. Career Pluto, your personal planet of money and finances, is working steadily in your fourth house of home and family, encouraging you to create financial goals that will generate stability throughout your life. Mercury, your personal planet of good fortune, will tour through dreamy Pisces from February 10 to April The messenger planet will help you figure out your priorities — are you living to work or working to live?

Love Have the past seven years been a tad tumultuous for your relationships, Libra? That means that your love life will gain stability, while your sex life will heat up. Open up those lines of communication and discuss what you'd each like to try together, then let things take their steamy course. Your love planet, Mars, is moving direct all year long, helping you find direction, whether you are attached or single.

On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. Here is a good day for research. Today you are flexible if your career comes before you have no problem to do for the future. Professionally we believe in you, your professional qualities are numerous, you are aware of it, you bet on new ideas. Libra Luck and Money During this planetary cycle you are very intuitive and these days you will have premonitions and hunches associated with a money that you will receive very soon, even in competitions, contests, raffles, and lotteries. There is a good evolution on the way. You will spare your horse and you will be right, it is slowly but surely that you advance towards your goal.

Conflicts very little for you, you prefer pacifism. No panic around you everything is calm. You even play the role of mediator if your friends or family ask you. You seem soothed, your phlegm acts positively on others. Sign in. Log into your account. Wrong decisions and misunderstandings are likely. Go slow! Pipe dreams and wild thinking will be fruitless. On 11th, a major planetary change takes place — Jupiter, after staying in your Sign for over a year, moves to its own Sign — Sagittarius — your 2nd House.

Good times shall continue, provided you stay determined and dedicated. But, momentarily, there may be some chaos. Jupiter and Mercury now move through your 2nd House - there will be lots of talking. Travel is likely too, but stay guarded. Soon, Venus becomes direct in Libra — your 12th House. Take a deep breath — avoid temptations. Mars moves to Pisces — your 5th House. Crafty Mercury turns retrograde in 2nd House, auguring some challenges. Most importantly, in a major astral move, Rahu shifts to Cancer — your 9th House, and Ketu takes charge of Capricorn — your 3rd House.

Results of this will manifest in the coming months. You may not be well, possibly. Take a break from work, if you can. On 22nd and 23rd, your mantra should be to conserve — resources, energy and efforts, says Ganesha. In relationships and family equations, be candid and clear — but also polite and tactful. Misunderstandings are likely. After 24th, with combust Jupiter and retrograde Mercury in your 2nd House — expenses may rise. Health may suffer too.

Do not abandon your fitness plans. As the month ends, you wish to indulge yourself. As the month begins, businesses may gain from foreign connections and networks.

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Professionals, however, may not be comfortable with their present work-place. Go slow and measured, if you wish to change your job, suggests Ganesha. Better still — wait for some time. Work on personal growth and skill enhancement. On 4th, you may spend on a ritual or religious ceremony. An old relation may come to the forefront, or you may question the integrity and commitment level in a certain bond. There is uneasiness in your relationships. You may not be getting due support from your near ones — or so you may think.

On 5th or 6th, a delay may lead to missed opportunity. On 7th and 8th, you are again immersed in some spiritual or religious task. Are you in a pilgrimage? Watch your step — and your moves in every area of life — on 12th and 13th. Sometimes greatest lessons of life come from the biggest losses!

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There is chaos mid-month, as a major planetary churn takes place now. Venus turns direct in your 11th House — which is a positive sign for your relationships — and gains. Mars moves to your 4th House — Pisces — bringing a fresh dose of optimism. Mercury turns retrograde in your Sign, though. Most importantly, in a notable long-term move, Rahu moves to your 8th House Cancer, while Ketu makes home in your 2nd — Capricorn.

You have to put every step cautiously now. Irrespective of this, you are cheerful and radiant on 19th and 20th. Romance and love bloom too! If you are planning to propose to a long-admired prospect, Ganesha sends his blessings and good wishes. Wedding bells may not be far. On 24th, Sun shifts to your Sign, adding tremendously to your vitality and popularity.

But, you may not be thinking straight on 26th. Sit back and reflect! Love brings some tensions and squabbles, but nothing will break your strong equation. The month begins on a happy note, mostly thanks to your personal dedication and concerted efforts to keep everything in top shape. Benevolent Jupiter has a direct aspect over your 5th House. This is indicative of the cosmic support for couples eager to bear a child. Around 2nd, Mercury shifts to your 12th House, while Venus, in retrogression, re-enters Libra — your 10th House.

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On 5th, an amazingly lucrative deal may fall in your lap, though its finalization may be delayed. You can look forward to a great time at the personal front, too. If you are in love, planets are likely to encourage you to get hitched.

On 10th and 11th, education, spirituality and higher learning enchant you. At this time, in a long-term move, Jupiter enters its own Sign, Sagittarius - your 12th House. On 12th, you feel a bit unsure; this makes you hesitant, in making commitments. In days that ensue, lots of cosmic movement is in store. Venus, considered your biggest ally, becomes direct. Mars moves to your 3rd — Pisces. You now march ahead with bountiful confidence. Soon enough, Mercury turns retrograde. What an astral hustle! Mercury, Mars and Venus ensure immediate effects, while Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter will take their own sweet time.

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On 19th and 20th, you obviously are quite a flitter — unable to stay set on any one idea. By the way, you have a soft corner for someone in office. Well, the feelings are becoming stronger and deeper, as Venus is sending its arrows right, left and center! Get ready for an exciting love life! In business, on 23rd, you come across a good prospect, but converting may be a challenge.

In job, be careful with words and numbers, for mistakes may cost you dearly. Around 24th, Sun moves to Sagittarius. On 26th, you are juggling responsibilities. Expenses rise! Although you try your best to keep misapprehensions at bay, problems keep coming back.

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Being positive will help, sums Ganesha. You shall manage to organize funds to initiate debt repayments, early in the month. With Saturn present in your 12th House, you must plan your finances with a long-term view, keeping enough provision for contingencies. There may be some ongoing issues in your marital life, or in a partnership business.

Try your best to mitigate the situation. Ones studying must do their best to devote ample time to revision. It seems, however, that you are not giving due attention to your health and fitness. Watch out!

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This is a heavy duty month for planetary changes — so you must remain centered and conserve your energies. On 5th, sit down to review a recent business loss; seek the reason behind this setback. Retrograde Venus in your 9th House now reveals the true colors of some of your key people. Learn your lessons! Sun and Jupiter in the 10th House promise progress.

In a noteworthy cosmic move, around 11th, Jupiter enters your 11th House. Saturn continues its journey through your 12th House. Mars soon moves to your 2nd House, becoming your savior. Venus too becomes direct. Later, Mercury turns retrograde. On 19th, curiosity makes you explore unexplored territories.

December 2018 Horoscope Libra

There is a likelihood of your missing out on an important point, or making errors; double check. If you have been contemplating buying a new gadget, this is not the right time. In relationships, communicate your issues and listen to your partner. Around 24th, Sun moves to Sagittarius — your 11th. On 26th, a complex task leaves you restless.

As the month draws to a close, you feel a strong urge to make a mark, and curate a grand lifestyle. As Jupiter is combust and Mercury is retrograde now — just stay prepared for delays. Love brings trifle squabbles or over-possessiveness, as the month begins. Give space to your partner, suggests Ganesha.

Professionals remain busy, immersed neck deep in work. On 5th you may be dismayed or emotionally hurt. Hang on, as this will get better soon. On 7th, you remain somewhat quiet or subdued. You will be inspired, brimming with hope.

Libra Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 11th December

Moon now connects with Jupiter, facilitating opportunities for gains and growth. Mercury moving through your 10th House prompts you to cut corners. Good tidings continue.